‘The Toss’
Teams are decided at the start of the match by ‘The Toss’ of the coloured cube.

‘The Floater’/Uneven Sides
• If numbers are uneven, a ‘Floater’ can be nominated to play on both sides (usually Terry).
• When teams are uneven without Terry, the team with the player short can decide at half-time to take an extra player from the opposing team, or continue playing with one short for a ‘Win Handicap’.

‘The Alarm’
Each half will start and finish by the alarm.

‘The Kick off’
For some reason, the blue team will always have the kick-off.

Basic Game Rules
• Pass backs are not allowed.
• When the ball is moving to/from the keeper, it must be played through a third player
• Outfield players are not allowed to enter into the goalkeeping area.
• The goalkeeper must not enter out.

Point Scoring
(L) Lose - each player in a team that loses by more than three goals scores 1 point
(LB) Losing Bonus – 2 points are scored by each player in a team that lose by three or less goals.
(W) Win - each player in a team that wins scores 3 points

Additional Scoring
(W7) 7 Win Bonus – each player in a team that wins by 7 goals or more scores 1 bonus point
(WH) Win Handicap – each player in team that plays the full game with a player less scores 1 bonus point.
(HT) Hat-Trick Bonus – any player who wins three games consecutively scores 2 bonus points. With each consecutive win thereafter, an additional 1 point will be scored until they next lose a game.